Highly flexible

Highly flexible, highly efficient, custom built areas

Tier III certified

ADC is a Tier III Design certified Data Centre in Canberra

Australian Data Centres

Australian Data Centre Tier 3 logoAustralian Data Centres is one of the only Australian owned Data Centres left in the country. Privately owned and Australian ensures your data and information are kept in the country. Australian Data Centres has been independently certified as a Tier III Data Centre by the Uptime Institute. Our model is highly flexible allowing customers a choice for their technology and to purchase on a consumption based model. ADC’s infrastructure is the most efficient in the marketplace and can support from as little as a rack to private suites and larger footprints. ADC also has its own dedicated colocation area.

ADC is fully connected offering a choice of carriers. ADC provides 2 telco rooms for diversity with entry via north and south ends of the building.

ADC can support power densities up to 33kw per rack, and can custom build to suit the customers’ requirements. Precision Cooling systems are available for higher density requirements

The location of ADC’s data centre is in a very low risk light industrial area, offering an ideal distance for DR.

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