Smarter. Safer. Greener.

Australian Data Centres

Smarter. Safer. Greener.

The methods used in the management, construction and design of Australian Data Centres maximises energy efficiency while minimising the footprint on the environment.

Australian Data Centres utilises both passive and active sustainable design features, such as sophisticated and flexible cooling systems, reduced heat-transfer rates, high efficiency lighting, and control logic to minimise plant energy input. Water efficient fixtures and fittings are also in place. ADC uses free air cooling, reducing the need to use the chillers. This is achievable 8-9 months per year.

Aim for increased efficiency

Australian Data Centres' objective is to maximise the use of measurement methods, processes and new technology to continually evolve in energy efficient performance.

ADC’s sustainability targets are benchmarked globally, and are constantly monitored. ADC’s Mechanical and electrical plant was specifically selected for its efficiency. There are no batteries within the IT infrastructure on the floor.

ADC has a target PUE of 1.4

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